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Types of Windscreen Fissures

There are three  most common types of cracks in windscreen. The cracks are classified based on the nature of subject hitting and causing the windscreen to break.

  1. Cracks due to Stress

Stress on windscreen glass, particularly, due to excessive heat, the glass may experience a break in it.

  1. Cracks in Edges

These are the breakages that occur in edges of windscreen. Such cracks occur when something hard badly strikes the glass screen and ultimately, you have to replace the whole windscreen.

  1. Chips of Windscreen

These cracks are also called as pits or stone breaks. Such cracks occur when smaller objects like debris, stones particles hit the windscreen, causing it to loose the small pieces of glass. These small glass pieces are called chips. If you ignore the small cracks, they may progress and involve large areas of glass screen.

Steps to Repair Windscreen

It is affordable to repair the broken windscreen. The decision to opt for repair or replacement depends on the extent of damage or break to glass screen. If the crack is less than the quarter of screen or only a few inches, then go for repair. If there is a hole or larger cracks then choose windscreen replacement. The only drawback of glass repair is that it affects the visibility.

You can repair it by using super glue or a transparent nail polish. You can also use windscreen repairing kit. After repairing, avoid the glass screen from sudden temperature changes.

Step by Step Windscreen Replacement Process

It is better to hire a professional to repair and replace broken windscreens. If you have no access to a nearby technician, you can do it at home by yourself. Simply, follow these basic steps;

1) Cover the Internal and External Side

Cover the internal and external side of windscreen to protect the small chunks of glass to shatter.

2)  Detach Windscreen Moldings

Molding is a rubber covering around the windscreen. In second step, you need to get rid off windscreen molding. Hold the right tool to disconnect it from the welded part of it to the car. Simply, cut and separate it.

3) Separate the Glass

Uplift the glass and push it out from inside to separate it.

4) Instalment of New Windscreen

Do some preparatory steps for the frame to fix into the new windscreen. Install the new windscreen. Allow it to set as per manufacturer guidelines. Some windscreens require only thirty minutes to seventy hours and some vehicles may even take twenty four hours to set. Time variation depends on the quality of windscreen.

Windscreen of a vehicle is the window made of glass, which provides clarity and a wide range of vision to the driver while driving.

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