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Features & Material Car Glass London

Features of an Ideal Car Glass

The glass material used in cars should be strong, durable and pliable. The car glasses are manufactured in such a way to resist crash injuries to drivers and the passengers. Glass on roof of the vehicle is also called as Sunroof as it absorbs and filter harmful ultraviolet rays, the travellers can enjoy natural light free of radiations.

Material of Car Glass

Coated glass material is usually used for vehicles. In coated or laminated glass, the plastic layer is sandwiched between two layers of glass. It is preferred for front and back windscreens of the car. In case of accident, there will be cracks on the exterior surface of glass but it will not shatter into tiny pieces. It is easy to repair.

There is another type of glass known as tempered glass. It is created by heating the ordinary glass and then instantly, cooling it. This glass is ten times stronger than a normal glass but less secure than laminated glass. During accidents, the whole tempered glass breaks into stone like small pieces. Contrary to an ordinary glass, it does not create sharp pieces of torn glass. It is not repairable. We can not repair it, it is only replaced with a new one.

Car Glass Repair

It is a budget friendly option to repair the broken glass of car. Car glass repair is only possible for windscreen because of its laminated glass. Other glasses are not repaired due to the nature of these glasses and whenever they break they shatter into pieces; they only need to be replaced. To repair a windscreen, first clean the area, then create vacum and fill the gap with a transparent glue. Then ultraviolet light is bombarded on it to allow it to solidify.

There are certain mistakes we do while repairing the car glass, we must avoid them. Don’t use nail polishes or tapes as they alter visibility, don’t tend to repair the glass and the car does not look presentable.

Car Glass Replacement

If the crack is greater than fourth portion of the glass,  there is a hole in it or the whole glass shatters into tiny pieces, then definitely the whole glass needs to be replaced. You can do it hone as well as go to a technician. I would recommend to hire a professional to for car glass replacement. It is not a wise advice to save some dollars, do it at home and risk not only your life but also the lives of passengers.

In car glass replacement, first subject is the selection of glass. For windscreen, use laminated (double glass) glass and for other parts use tempered glass. The choice of glass varies depending on the company and model of the car. Some companies offer their own glass kit. Always prefer to use the glass recommended by the manufacturer. Always prefer quality of glass, not the cost on it.

After you have chosen your glass to be used, now pull of the old broken glass from the car frame. To install a new frame, you will need adhesive material like super glue but for some glasses like side glass located on door of car usually, does not need any adhesive. Side glass only fit in door according to shape. For windscreen, roof and back windows, adhesives are required. Paste adhesive material on frame and then carefully attach the new glass. Allow the adhesive to bind with new glass. Allow it to air dry. Don’t drive until your new glass gets fixed properly and don’t wash the car instantly after instalment of new glass.

Studies reveal car glass repair on time can save 300 million pounds worldwide in an year. No matter with how much care you are driving your car and taking care of it, it is normal for cars to have cracks in their glass windows and windscreen. You would like to opt for glass repair. The location and extent of crack will decide whether you should go for repair or opt replacement of the glass.

Car glass comprises those structures of a car that are made of glass and it consists of the following parts of a vehicle;

  • Windscreen
  • Front, side and back windows
  • Glass covering on roof of car

Windscreen of the car is the glass window located at front of the car for ease of visibility during driving. Side glass windows are situated at the doors of a car. The purpose of glass windows is to balance air levels in vehicle and to protect the passengers from suffocation. Glass roof panel is located at the roof of a car to allow the air and sunlight to pass in car.

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