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Tips to Avoid Car Glass Repair and Replacement

Car glass is very sensitive to changing climate and temperature changes. Too much harsh temperature like extremely high or extremely low temperature can adversely affect your car glass. Driving at a very high speed and accidents can cause car glass to break. In such cases, driving with a cracked glass is not safe. It is very important to daily clean and do maintenance if car glass regularly. One can not avoid environmental changes but one can avoid the consequences by making adjustments accordingly.

Following are some precautionary measures to take to avoid car glass repair and replacement:

  1. Safe Driving

Always try to drive carefully at optimum speed. Do not drive rashly. This will prevent you from accidents. Accidents can cause your car glasses to break and this will do more harm. On one side your precious life is at stake and on the other side you have to additional expense on car glass repair. In most of the accidents, the car needs whole glass replacement, which is more expensive than repair.

  1. Daily Cleaning

Wash your car glasses regularly, on daily basis. Clear dust,debris, leaves and rainwater marks from glass. Don’t forget to wash the wipers. An important point to note is to always wash with fresh water. Don’t use hot water to wash the glass because it will cause glass to stretch and then break.

  1. Regular Maintenance

Besides daily cleaning, regular maintenance of broken car glass is needed to avoid car glass repair and replacement. If you observe a slight crack on glass screen, don’t overlook it because small cracks can progress to large breaks in glass.

  1. Don’t Overlook Wipers

Sometimes, we thoroughly clean the glass but we forget about wipers. Their maintenance is also necessary because they can be a cause of crack on windscreen. Timely replacement of the rubber of wiper can save you from costly repair and replacement of car glass.

  1. Home Repair

Some people prefer to repair cracks at home by their own hands, sometimes, it works and most of the times , it fails because they don’t know the exact technique to repair. The best option is to go to a technician for even a slight crack repair.

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